On stage with Amy Grant

I was blessed to attend the Amy Grant Tennessee weekend event October 18-20th, 2013 with my family.  Her music has been an inspiration to all of us.  The event began with the opportunity to meet Amy and join her for a photo.  When I introduced myself, I shared that I am a singer and songwriter and gave her a copy of "Jericho".  She was very warm and encouraging.  The next day she hosted the group of 500+ people at her farm for a day of music and fun.  She mingled with everyone.  When she saw me in her barn, she asked me "do you want to sing?".   I was amazed and said "yes."  When I asked her for advice, she said "do it because you love it", "find people who love it as much as you do", "learn from people who are better than you" and "when a door opens, walk through it."  

Later Saturday evening she hosted a "songwriters in the round" session.  Amy and a group of her songwriter friends, including Beth Nielsen Chapman (she wrote Faith Hill's "This Kiss"), shared the stories behind some of their songs.  Then Amy began to describe our conversation earlier and asked if I was still in the audience.  She then invited me to come on stage and share one of my songs.  I chose to share the story behind "Fight the Fight" and my plans to dedicate all proceeds from the iTunes sales to help my classmate Jonas Borchert with his medical expenses.

After I sang, Amy encouraged the crowd to purchase the song on iTunes and then made a very generous offer.  Thank you Amy Grant for opening a door and for giving me a chance to help my friend.  Video.