Free to Dream

Free to Dream

Broken glass lines the dirt road

and the fragile houses bend

there’s a fear in the faces

and a warning in the wind

When nothing is for granted

and it feels like all is lost

Faith and faith alone is without cost.

Hungry hearts wait on church steps

for more than just a meal

for love’s sanctuary

and a place where they can heal

Miracles collide and there’s

enough for all to share

the pastor bows his head

and says this prayer:

We’re free to dream

we’re free to pray

we’re free to hope

for a brighter day

and Lord, we know you’ll make a way

Pass the plates, there is laughter

and the sound of making friends

pleases and thank-yous,

and the kindness never ends

children smile with tomorrow in their eyes;

in them a city’s hope resides.

Dancing and singing arise from the dust

in this pocket of joy and this haven of trust

gratitude beyond that

which the rest of the world knows

defies every odd and shows.

No cuesta nada soñar

No cuesta nada orar

Ni cuesta nada esperar

Para un día mejor

Y Dios nos da el valor.

We’re free to dream (no cuesta nada soñar)

We’re free to pray (no cuesta nada orar)

we’re free to hope (ni cuesta nada esperar)

for a brighter day (para un día mejor)

and Lord, we know you’ll make a way

(y Dios nos da el valor)


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© Jordan Gabriella Hoffman 2015