Were there dandelions in Eden?

I don’t know but I wonder

if they bloomed within paradise,

why do we plow them asunder?

A child’s precious gold,

they will someday be discarded

worthless to the wise,

a gem to the young-hearted.

Were there dandelions in Eden?

Was the sky gray or blue?

Will I ever find the answers?

What would change if I knew?

Would I look with different lenses

 on this world in front of me?

It matters not what I behold, but what I see.

Were there thorns on the roses

in that great, Godly garden?

Did a spider web dangle from any tree?

Does perfection equal paradise,

or is it something different?

It’s not what we behold, it’s what we see.

Are there dandelions in heaven,

paving that golden street?

Will we admire their beauty for all eternity? Every once in a while, a seed will fall to earth but when it blooms in the summer,

we won’t know its worth.

It’s not what we behold, it’s what we see.


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© Jordan Gabriella Hoffman 2015