If Only

If Only


If only…

what a dangerous phrase

it will haunt you

for the rest of your days

if only, if only you hadn’t let go

if only, if only you could know

what would have happened

if only you dared?

what could have been

if only you cared?

If only…


If only you weren’t afraid

if only you hadn’t delayed

if only, if only you swallowed your pride

if only, if only you had tried

to speak the words on your mind

if only you hadn’t been so blind

If only...


If only, through the rose-tinted glass

you could reach back, and alter your past,

would you do all you left undone?

Would you finish what you’d begun?

You’ll regret some things you do,

but it’s the if only’s that will follow you.


If only you could realize

the answer is before your eyes

if only, if only you could see

you are holding your own key,

and while you’re lingering at the door

there comes one if only more

If only….


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© Jordan Gabriella Hoffman - 2015